Saturday, March 11, 2006

These Dada Sneakers Were Made For...Music

These Dada Sneakers Were Made For...Music
Move over Oakley Thump MP3 sunglasses. There's a new wearable MP3 system to stomp the competition.
Dada Footwear is launching a wireless footwear system dubbed, "Code M." The Code M System delivers both audio and data—through your sneakers! Say goodbye to wires and carrying an MP3 player.
The Code M System is integrated into the basketball sneaker's heel and tongue. It can hold up to 100 songs, running on a 6-hour battery life. To transfer songs onto the system, just use the USB port on the side of the shoe. To listen to your music, use the included wireless headset, which picks up the music playing from your sneakers up to 30 feet away.
Here comes the real kicker: the sneakers will also feature house speakers for listening to music out loud. (I can just imagine Michael Jordan being the spokesperson.)
If the Code M Sneakers prove successful, the company plans on expanding their line to a Get-Fit program in which you can receive workout-related data from a personal trainer's voice. It doesn't end there. The shoes may also be designed as a way to forward your phone calls to it.

I think this is a really cool idea, although I hope they're sweat-proof out on the court. I don't know how well the sound quality will be, but Dada certainly knows how to think out of the box. Hopefully they'll come out with other colors.
The Code M Sneakers will sell for $199.99 beginning in April 2006.
[via TechEBlog]