Wednesday, February 14, 2007

World’s most complex origami

World’s most complex origami
Check out this video and gallery showing three amazing creations by master origamist Satoshi Kamiya. Hard to believe, but each of the pieces shown in this video was folded from a single sheet of paper.
The red dragon, made from a 1.2 x 1.2 meter sheet, took only 6 hours to fold. The yellow hornet was commissioned by luxury retailer Hermes and was put on display in their New York store. The white dragon is fashioned from a 2 x 2 meter sheet of paper. “As far as I know, it is the most complex origami in the world,” says Kamiya in the video.

Video Here:

Some Cool Orgamic Pictures Here:

Dragon God

Kamiya Satoru history 2005/xx/xxTime figure development/Diagram and Crease pattern = NIn the Kamiya work most (and perhaps in the world the) most complicated work.The paper is square and/or e.g., to tell the truth structure is asymmetric, but even the design very it is funny work, because entirely

Sparrow drumstick

Kamiya Satoru history 2002/07/10In time figure development/Diagram and Crease pattern = detective group magazine 76 development publication Stimulation was bet on complication inflation of the folded paper insect? Sparrow drumstick. To detail shape rather than
calling real, is image precedence in the habit which is tucked.The paper [rahuosu] being something which was made at the Origamido studio, the pole makes paper is the paper where thin with
[abaka] 100%. When looking at the paper which is completed, clean of remainder you remember that sigh comes out
unintentionally. By the way it is scantness of [karape].

The photograph elaborating wastefully, don't you think? it increases, [e] ....... Very it is the nice nest. As for this
although the real thing, also the nature not using [te] is good to such a place.This nest in the garden of the house in some [ma] is something which is done. Because it became cold, already coming near,
all right ......Perhaps.As for this the abridged edition which was made with half play. From 24cm. Well, if it is something which breaks well enough
don't you think?, only the paper it chooses, ....... Perhaps if it breaks with 15cm, the expectation which becomes life-size.

Asian elephant/ Asiatic Elephant

Kamiya Satoru history 2006/04/xx
The time figure development/Diagram and you snap to, the Crease pattern = time paper detective group 100 figure publication
Work for life size production. Because it was displayed even with the 12th diffraction paper detective group convention, that

you think whether the one you have looked at the real thing it is.

Mantis/Praying mantis

Kamiya Satoru history 2003/07/27
Time figure development/Diagram and Crease pattern = N
Simple and the work whose such as 22.5 degree based fundamental structure structural degree of satisfaction is high and the

chest of the bellows - the head which just a little change.
As for the paper those which dyed the Japanese paper of three.

Veil tail angel fish/Veiltail Angelfish

Kamiya Satoru history 2006/04/xx
Time figure development/Diagram, Crease pattern = N and N
Queen and angel fish of tropical fish. But the clean fish the air is rough well enough, it seems. In addition if the fin

which extends long you do not use the air, in order go not to be, perhaps it is the queen even in such sense.

This material, as for the work itself it is many well enough, but is, to tell the truth real the thing is little. When it

tries probably to snap properly perhaps or one of the reasons long angle becomes necessary.
As for the paper the Japanese paper of the paper mulberry which is in there.

Semi larva/Cicada Nymph

Kamiya Satoru history 2005/05/xx
Time figure development/Diagram, Crease pattern = N and N
Angle of side of basic shape of the crane the work which it is possible from the idea whether it cannot make the wing.
With with the notion that where you say as for the basis seat futon crane + [hida].


Kamiya Satoru history 2005/11/xx
Time figure development/Diagram and in Crease pattern = time paper detective group 97 development publication
In order to start snapping the head in the same state, three the angular arrangement which arranges is adopted for 1 sides in

To tell the truth after putting out basic angle, suitable for modelling the head it

metarihueruhosoakakuwagata 2.0/Cyclommatus

Kamiya Satoru history 2005/06/xx
Time figure development/Diagram, Crease pattern = N and N
The difference with the previous production exchange and structure of position of the cog and the antenna became simple.

Enshientodoragon 1.1/Ancient Dragon

Kamiya Satoru history 2002/10/29
It publishes to the time figure development/Diagram and Crease pattern = Kamiya Satoru history work collection.
It is the work which was made at the time of 3rd folded paper king championship. This time to snapping figure in order to

convert it rearranged & repaired.

Butterfly NS/Butterfly NS

Kamiya Satoru history 2004/06/06
Time figure development/Diagram, Crease pattern = N and N
Those which with the convention of MFPP it keeps having at a stroke from trial manufacture to completion.

sureipuniru 1.6/sleipnir

Kamiya Satoru history 2003/12/10
Time figure development/Diagram and Crease pattern = N
Just a little version upgrade. Because basic structure is not changed, only it rises a little. While, just a little saying,

modification place has dispersed in the whole. Especially, the face or the different thing it puts out.

V-sairen] 103 “Neptune”/V-SILEN Neptune

Kamiya Satoru history 2003/10/26
Time figure development/Diagram and Crease pattern = N
From F.S.S.
In the motor head it makes the reason which it is dense is chosen, relatively and divination so being shape, it can express

with inside out two color, the appearance scene with 11 volumes the parenthesis was good haphazardly, and so on with it is

the reason which was said.
As expected this is not one. Other than of total 9 using and the weapon is the same size with the head chest waist & hand *2

foot *2 weapon *2. Because connection will have been well enough secure, there is no paste with it is possible to unite once.

It is defeated to weight, but .......
Nevertheless, dividing into this quantity, individual the complex.
So, the small part is made and, it is not to have been packed but ......

The paper is the foil + folded paper paper.
Already a little bright color being better, the shank. Also the fact that the silver of the rear reverse side has come out

that way that is.
Well there next time .......