Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Sexy Bra - My Chopsticks Bra !!!

On November 7, lingerie maker Triumph International Japan unveiled the “My Chopsticks Bra,” which features a pair of cups that resemble bowls of rice and miso soup, and a set of collapsible chopsticks that tuck into either side.
The My Chopsticks Bra is the latest addition to Triumph’s line of concept lingerie designed to boost awareness of environmental issues. Triumph unveils the My Chopsticks Bra as Japanese consumers are becoming more aware of the negative impact that disposable chopsticks have on the environment. While it is becoming increasingly trendy for people to reduce waste by carrying around their own reusable chopsticks, Japanese consumers still go through an estimated 25 billion pairs (90,000 tons) of disposable chopsticks each year, which amounts to 200 pairs per person.
Triumph lingerie model Yuko Ishida, who ordinarily carries around a pair of her own chopsticks, says she hopes people think of the environment when they see this bra, adding that “the chopsticks on the sides help add a little extra volume to your bust.”
Since 2004, Triumph has designed a number of eco-minded concept bras, including the Eco-globe Bra, the microwaveable Warm Biz Bra, and the No! Shopping Bag Bra.
[Source: Iza!]


Sunday, September 09, 2007

Scarecrow Road 280

While frightening the birds away, about 60 scarecrows along a stretch of the Route 280 Bypass in Aomori are attracting the attention of passing motorists. The scarecrow display, which includes one modeled after sumo wrestler Asashoryu scandalously playing soccer (pictured right), is part of Kakashi Road 280 (kakashi means “scarecrow”), a recently established annual September event designed to stimulate the local economy and welcome the 2010 opening of Tohoku Shinkansen Shin-Aomori station. Organizers hope to eventually create 150 scarecrows to watch over the 15-kilometer stretch of road.

Scarecrows are also known to populate the roadsides in other parts of Japan. The photos below are from Machida (a Tokyo suburb) and Nara.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Amazing 3D Swimming Pools

I’ve got these Amazing 3D Swimming Pools pictures from an anonymous person who emailed me, using the Send us Tips form, but he or she sent me only the pictures, no details about the artist or the company that made these amazing 3D swimming pools, but who knows maybe someone who’s reading this blog might know something and post comment. Now coming back to these pictures we can see that the artist has just painted the side walls and the floor in such a manner that creates an interesting illusion, , when filled with water. Enjoy !

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

RyugYong Hotel

This massive hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea was meant to be a symbolic show of power, but construction ceased in 1992 under mysterious circumstances. It now haunts Pyongyang's skyline, a lifeless relic to what may have been.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Preparing For Tattoo Festival 2007

The Tattoo Festival is a celebration of body art and the education of tattooing and other forms of body modification for all. Nowhere else can you find such a collection of skilled tattoo artists in one area. Every year thousands of people come for the weekend to be tattooed by the worlds best artists and hang out with others in the tattoo community. If you see any of the attending artists you would like to get tattooed by, it is a good idea to book your artist early, you can do that by clicking the attending artists studio link. Click here to view this year’s attending artists. But Hell City does not just have tattooing as entertainment. All weekend long various acts, contests, art fusion, and other entertainment happen in the festival. This is a world class convention, smooth running, & packed with hundreds of brilliant artists from the world over. Hell City has come to be one of the industries favorite events. Everyone appreciates the festival because the atmosphere is warm, jovial and welcoming to the guests who come for a peek into another world. We encourage you to explore the Hell City website, poke around, browse the photo galleries of the past HC’s, and share them with your mates and loved ones. Aside from TV specials and any vibe you think you get when you drive by your local tattoo studio, where else will you learn the truth of tattooing and other art forms? This is an industry tradeshow, one that covers body modification in all forms, historical to futuristic, education to exhilaration. Hell City is an exhibition of all styles, be they painterly or bold, thematically obscure or even downright spooky. You may also enjoy the bands, art gallery, clothes, stickers, skateboards, motorcycle stuff, dames, photography, prints, paintings for sale, food and drinks, the colorful people, about a million tattoo photos from attending artists, tattoo competitions, all the amazing books, the Heck City booth just for kids, the hilarious MC, the hotel and the charity fundraisers, just to name a few things….Come be a part of this festival of the flesh!!