Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Flying suicide bomber drones could be almost unstoppable

Flying suicide bomber drones could be almost unstoppable
If you thought the 12-gauge shotgun-wielding AutoCopter was bad news, imagine one of the little menaces in the hands of a terrorist and strapped with several pounds of explosives -- or worse, biological, chemical, or radiological payloads. Several experts are warning that we are nearly defenseless against such attacks, even though terrorists have already shown a propensity for using such tactics in the Middle East and South America, and are known to have purchased so-called "drone" airplanes capable of high-precision navigation even over long distances. One scenario that is particularly disturbing involves a fleet of drones or robotic helicopters launched from an off-shore freighter, sent en masse to attack a large gathering like a sporting event where stampeding from panic would likely cause more deaths than the bombs themselves. The Pentagon is supposedly working on an drone-killing drone of its own, called Peregrine, that would patrol the skies and intercept any hostile aircraft -- but the main problem seems to be finding, not destroying these things, and you'd need a whole lot of Peregrines to cover every potential target in the US.[Via Phys Org]

Monday, May 08, 2006

Neptus 60 Cliff Habitat

Neptus 60 Cliff Habitat

Neptus 60 is a Cliff-House designed by Naval Architect Giancarlo Zema and exclusive to Underwater Vehicles Inc. Neptus 60 has been conceived to create a cliff side environment in harmony with nature. It allows the occupant to fully enjoy the cliff placing, to admire the views on the sea and the spectacular underwater sea life. The project reflects on Neptus, the amphibious shellfish that once thrived in the oceans over 500 million years ago. Neptus 60 is made up of 4 elements: (1) living area (2) observation deck, (3) docking for boats, (4) underwater observation globe
The different floors are connected with a winding staircase that looks on the sea, and served by a glass elevator.
(1) Living area - Circular construction anchored on the cliff. It is divided in a living room with terrace and a night area with 3 bedrooms looking on the sea with inclusive ensuite bathrooms.
(2) Observation deck - Capsular layout hanging at 20m on the sea level. It allows you to look at the sea in a comfortable and private place.
(3) Docking for small craft - A wharf allows you to reach Neptus 60 directly from the sea.
(4) Underwater observation globe - The most interesting space complete with underwater lighting and diver lock-out options. Underwater components by renowned submarine manufacturer.
Technical characteristics
Carrying structure - that can be modulated, that can be anchored on every sort of cliff.Living area - diameter 18m, 250 square meters on two levels.Observation deck - 80 square meters on 2 levels.Wharf - 40 square meters.Underwater observation globe - 80 square meters om 2 levels completely underwater.Elevator lift capacity - 650 kg (6 people), speed 1.5 m/s, height 50 mt.