Wednesday, February 08, 2006

WebServUSB is the World’s Smallest Web Server on a USB Flash Drive

WebServUSB is the World’s Smallest Web Server on a USB Flash Drive

Truly incredible. I am speechless. And at $89 - $399, this one is worth a try. From the Website: WebServUSB is a full featured web server programmed into flash memory a USB device. It features HTTP and FTP web services, plus a companion email server program which provides POP3 and SMTP mail services. By plugging WebServUSB into any PC with a USB port, it can enable that PC to become and Intranet (LAN) or Internet based web server. WebServUSB can provide the majority of features of a web server costing thousands of dollars all embedded in the USB flash memory. WebServUSB comes in sizes ranging from 128 megabytes to 1 gigabyte.

WebServUSB’s portability makes it easy to move to any PC with a USB port and Intranet/Internet connection. All of the functions, content, and programming remain in the USB plug and will transfer to whatever PC it is plugged into. For portable Internet operation, a Dynamic DNS service such as can be used to allow WebServUSB to have a portable domain name reachable at whatever PC its plugged into. The rugged aluminum case protect it against static discharge, cosmic rays (known to erase flash memory), dust, dirt, and mechanical shock.

WebServUSB can serve one web site or even hundreds! Plus its user database allows both single user and group management of user accounts for HTTP and FTP services. For added security, the user accounts created in WebServUSB have no connection to the user accounts in the Windows based PC which its plugged into via a USB port. Thus even if an account is compromised, the intruder can go no further than the internal structure of WebServUSB! Hackers are left “dangling” out on the USB port with no access to the operating system!

WebServUSB features operational compatibility with almost all types of web content, including server side interactive CGI scripts, Perl, PHP, and a variety of multimedia formats such as Flash, RealMedia, and Windows Media. Essentially it can serve any web content.

WebServUSB is also a very handy tool for anyone who wants to learn how to set up a web server or develop websites beyond just the design stage. It allows you to see how your site will work on the web and includes several functions which permit site enhancements. As a local in-house server for debugging websites, it’s very useful and easy to manage. WebServUSB is also superb for carrying on the road, for use with a Laptop. It provides a great way to setup Intranet or Internet file sharing or distribution for projects where you may need to share documents with many people, such as for training.

WebServUSB is simple to configure. This tutorial is written from the point of view of a complete novice and includes step-by-step instructions to set up the basic server plus an example of how to include an additional function (in this case a PERL based message board). Since WebServUSB is compliant with most standards applied to high end web servers, almost any web server add-on or program will function with it.
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