Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The Power Plate

The Power Plate.

The Power Plate is apparently the hottest thing to hit the ‘get fit, get skinny’ brigade since the invention of low fat celery. You stand or squat on the thing and it jiggles your important little bits to strengthen, tone and build up muscles. Cost yer £2,599.00 for the privilege, but it must be tax deductible somehow, shirley?
The special vibrating platform stretches the muscles, which activate Tonic Vibration Reflexes. Because the Power-Plate vibrates at 30 to 50 times per second, these involuntary muscle contractions happen at the same speed. Power-Plate activates 95 to 97% of the muscle fibers Not only will your muscles contract and relax at very high speed, but also the amount of muscle fibres in every single muscle involved exceeds the amount of muscle tissue utilised in regular training. For most people in conventional training a maximum of 40% of the muscle fibres per muscle are recruited.